The Count Three Game…1, 2, 3

Like when we were little we're counting again!

Like last year in the Challenges we have to do the count three game. This is a blogging game designed to help us visit more blogs around the world and to connect with the different bloggers. In this game you must visit three different blog. to play you must first find a blog that is also participating in the challenges. You can read some posts and comment on them and remember to leave your blog URL in your comment. That’s your count one! Next choose a blog on the person’s blogroll. Do the same with this blog and it is your count 2! Then choose another blog and do the same, this is your count 3! That’s all there is to it! It’s a pretty fun and easy game to play and if you really like one of the blogs that you visit you can add them to your blogroll! Here is the game I played:

  1. For my count 1 I visited Teegan’s Blog, I visited Teegan’s blog last year a bit and I liked it then and now I like it even more! She has great posts that are high quality and she posts pretty often which is just another reason to love her blog. I will most likely continue to visit Teegan’s blog through out the year!
  2. For my count 2 I visited Tessa’s Terrific Blog, This is a blog that I have never visited before. I don’t think that she is in the challenge but her blog is still pretty good. I really liked that she posted some videos in a few of her posts because I’ve only done that once and I think it would be something that would add to my blog so I may try that at some point!
  3. For my count 3 which is the last blog I visited I went to Sonia’s Spectacular Blog. She is a very good writer! The first post I saw when I went to her blog blog was a narrative story that she wrote. For this narrative piece she wrote 6 chapters! The writing was also high quality and even though she doesn’t post very often the posts that she does write are really great posts!

So that was my game! I encourage you to play as well!

This has been CHALLENGE 8

The counting picture is from: a fitness blog!

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