My Family… We are a Loud Bunch!

You have to LOVE your family!

In my family there is almost never a dull moment! We are probably some of the loudest people you would ever meet! When we all get together, so my aunts, uncles and cousins we have a blast together. My Dad’s side of my family is Dutch and my Mom’s side is mostly Irish and last year I wrote a page about my Dutch side and The Netherlands. But lets just start with my immediate family. I have 3 sisters my oldest sister is Cathleen and she is 8 years older than me, then there is Josephine and she is 6 years older, next there is Christine and she is 3 years older than me, of course last there is me, Jacqueline. I’m the youngest and am 13 years old. along with my 3 sisters I have had exchange students almost every year since I was two years old. An exchange student is a student in their mid teens that goes to another country for an exchange. They live with a family for the time they are in the country they can come for different amounts of time but most of the exchange students we get stay for a whole school year. Right now I have two exchange students Ning who is from Thailand and Hina who is from Japan. Of course I also have my Mom and Dad! Now for some interests!

Anne (Mom): My Mom works in agriculture by testing soils and doing research. She also loves history like I do!

John (Dad): My Dad drives a transport truck and loves farming. He also loves bailing hay and straw in the summer which I really don’t understand because I really don’t like doing it.

Cathleen (oldest sister): She is in her last year of University and is really excited about living on her own because that’s pretty much all she talks about! She also enjoys showing cattle through 4-H and helping organize the fair at her school.

Josephine (second oldest sister): She is in her second year of University and enjoys sports like I do and really likes hockey and rugby.

Christine (sister number 3): She is in grade 11 and is going on an exchange next year. She also loves sports especially rugby which she plays for her school.

Ning (exchange student): She is from Thailand and has been at my house for about two months and is very excited about living in Canada for a year.

Hina (exchange student): She is from Japan and has been at my house for about three months now. Hina is also very good at art and really enjoys it.

My Dad’s side of the family is Dutch like I said before and we are all pretty close. On this side there are 18 grandchildren and one

A family must stick together!

of the families live in the USA. This past summer we all traveled to Boston for one of my cousin’s wedding. It was a lot of fun even though I was sick the whole time. All the cousins got to drive the 12 hour ride together in many cars and got to do some shopping together before the event. When ever this side of the family is together we always have loads of fun and are very loud!

On my Mom’s side of the family there are only 8 grandchildren, 4 of which are from my family. My family is the oldest and almost all the other cousins are very young only from 2-4 years old. All of us that are older love to play with the younger cousins so we have lots of fun making them laugh!

I love my family but sometimes they can be a handful. We all just have to remember that they will be there in the long run. They are always the ones that will make you laugh and smile when you are down and be your shoulder to cry on. They are there for all the ups and downs so make sure to let them now that you appreciate them!


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