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I would say that I’m a pretty creative person, I’m not the greatest at art but there is more to creativity than just art. There are

Some people like to show their creativity through photography and editing pictures.

also many different art forms such as visual arts so painting, drawling, and sketching, music like singing and playing an instrument, there is also creative writing. I love creative writing! We do a lot of writing in school that we get marked on, so far this year we have covered biographies, narrative, explanation and report writing. I really enjoy writing because you can write about anything that interests you! For instance when my class did narrative writing we had to write an And Then it Happened… story like what Michael Wade writes. We could write about any subject that we chose so I decided to write a Harry Potter based story. I love Harry Potter so it was very easy for me to come up with the ideas and the plot line. I think that that was one of my favourite pieces that i have written because it came so easily to me and it was a lot of fun to write! If you would like to read my story you can visit it here. Writing is only one of the ways that I like to show my creativity through, even though I’m not very good at most art doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy art! There was one art project that my class did this fall that I really liked! Since it was Autumn we had to draw with pastels  , we could draw any fruit or vegetable that we wanted that reminded us of Autumn. I chose to draw a pumpkin, which turned out really well even though it was very hard to make the colour vivid. There are only a few art forms that I enjoy and like to show my creativity through another one of my favourites was the mosaic that my class did last year by cutting pieces of colour from magazines to create them. I also just started learning how to play guitar just a month or two ago and that is another way I show my creativity, by playing. Another way I can show my creativity is from drama. I love drama and acting I am even in my church play, Alice and Wonderland, in this play I act as the March Hare which is the Mad Hatter’s crazy best friend or alter ego. I love being a creative person especially since my creativity doesn’t always come from visual arts which is imeadatly what most people think of when they think of creativity! I would love to hear what you do to show your creativity so please leave a comment!


This has been:Challenge 7
The pathway picture is from Frederic della Faille on FlickrCC


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