After The Bell Rings

Challenge 4 in the Student Blogging Challenge asked us what we do for after school activities. I participate in many after

This is the type of guitar I play, an acoustic guitar

school activities such as 4-H clubs, community basketball, guitar lessons, a community play and many school sports. Every time that I have one of these after school I just can’t wait for that bell to ring!

I’ve been in many clubs since I joined 4-H when I was 11 years old. If you don’t know what 4-H is my friend Olivia wrote a great post about it last year, the link is here. Right now I’m involved in the Quilting Club and I just finished sheep club (we show sheep), garden club, and meat club (cooking with meat). I also am participating in a community basketball clinic. This is a six week basketball clinic that helps us work on our skills as a player. My friends Olivia and Brooke also play with me. I just started guitar lessons two weeks ago so I’m not very good yet. I’ve only learned the first two strings which have the notes E, F, G, B, C, D on them. I can’t wait till I can play some real songs from some of my favourite artists. I’m also involved in my church’s play Alice in Wonderland along with many of my friends. I got the part of the March Hare with my friend Olivia as the Mad Hatter. I’m very excited to preform as a crazy person in this play! On top of all of that I’m also involved with sports at my school. Right now it is volleyball season so sometimes I have games during the week as well.

As you can tell I’m very busy all the time so I don’t have too much time for much else!
guitar image

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