For Challenge 3 we had to visit some other students blogs, look at their sidebar and write a post about what we observed. When I visited some of the blogs participating in the challenge, I saw that the sidebars were either crammed with widgets or had very little on them. The sidebars that were really full seemed to have a lot of widgets that were games or those virtual pets. In my opinion these kinds of widgets aren’t the best to have unless you frequently post about that subject. But if you do decide to add a game or pet please choose only one of them. I think that widgets like wordles, translaters, flag counters, blog buttons, and quizzes are great to have but try not to other do it by having to many of the same kind of widget. An example if you have three different wordles on your site, I think this just looks a little tacky. I also see that a lot of people add multiple pets to me that just looks little child-ish. If you do add these extra widgets please add responsibly like my friend Olivia explained in her post.

Then there are the Blogs that have very little on the side. This can be good because games and other widgets like this don’t distract from their posts. But if a visitor just quickly scrolls down your blog to see what you post about and you don’t have any widgets that give a hint to what you post about so they don’t even bother to read anything. Some of these blogs only have about two widgets such as a calender and recent posts/comments. I think that you should have a few widgets that tell viewers some of the things you post about. A great example of this is a wordle, because with a wordle you can mention all the topics that you post about a lot. The key to having a great sidebar is balance!

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