What Could be in Your Digital Footprint?

During CHALLENGE 3 we learned about our digital dossier which is also known as a digital footprint. Last year for Challenge 7 we wrote a post about our digital footprints, you can visit that here. This year we have to do something a little bit different. First we had to watch this video:

Then write a post answering these questions:

  • What sites have you joined on the internet?
  • How much information did you give them when you joined?
  • Have you filled in more than the *asterisk questions?

Google your name or nickname but include your town as well.

  • What did you find?
  • Are you on the web for sports teams, named in newspapers and where else?
  • How many cookies or footprints are you leaving behind?


I’ve joined quite a few sites in my life such as Facebook, Twitter, Polldaddy, Hotmail, YouTube and a few others. When I join these types of sites that you must give personal information to (eg. last name, address, birthday, email address) I only give the necessary information and not much more. I also try to put on all the privacy settings for sites like Facebook, but many of these sites change their setting every month so sometimes it is difficult to keep up with them. I like to leave only a positive footprint behind on a website because in the future potential employers will look on a few of those sites and see what I leave behind. If they see something they don’t like I may not get that job, so I try very hard to make my digital dossier as positive as possible!

some social media icons

When I Googled my name a couple of things came up that was really me. First of all there was my Facebook and Twitter, so I should really re-apply  my privacy settings. There were also many things about being in my local newspaper and entering in contests. One of the things I found kind of odd was that a website that had something about my Mom in it came up, I think that was a little weird. There were also a lot of people that weren’t me and that lived in a different country. For example someone who has the same name as mine’s Facebook showed up and she lived in The Netherlands! From this challenge I learned that I’m leaving a lot of cookies or footprints through my local newspaper and social networking sites I have joined.

Social Networking Icons Picture

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