A few weeks ago my whole class learned about Prezis. Prezis are a new way to present information in a new way. This way of presentation is panning in, out, and all about to show pictures, video and worded information. My class used Prezi to present geography seminars. Each group was given a geogaphy chapter to make a Prezi, handout, smart board activity, and questions. My group was Hannah, Tate and of course me! We were given chapter 12 in our geography books which was renewable natural resources. Each group had to teach the rest of the class about their chapter, so if you would like to learn about renewable natural resources you can watch the Prezi below! Some of it may not make too much sense but that’s because we explained about it when we presented instead of writing a lot of information.  I hope you enjoy my group’s Prezi! P.S If you press more then autoplay it will play by it’s self!

An Audit of My Blog

For challenge 10, which is the last challenge, we must write an audit of our blogs. This means to evaluate our own blogs. In our own evaluation of our blogs we must include the following.

  • How many posts did you write?
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

I wrote a total of 42 posts so far but this is my 43ed post. 6 of these posts were for school. My school posts included posts by the names of Solid, Shell and Frame Structures, Green Peace, Working Hard or Hardly Working, Go With The Flow, Can We Save The Fish Before They Are Extinct and French Slide Show. You can find all of these posts in my school category. I wrote 21 posts for my own interests. These posts are Ringing in the New Year, Who Really Won, Disrespect, Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow, Shortlisted, What is He Thinking, Superb Blogs, Pet Peeves, The Royal, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Cats, Picture Day, Quiz, Friendship Bracelets, Harry Potter, The Coolest Thing, and my three weekly geeks posts which are called Weekly Geeks, Reading Challenges, and Embarrassing Books. You can find these posts in any category except the school and weekly geeks categories. 15 of my 42 posts were for the challenges, but two of my pages are also for the challenges. My challenge posts are My Appreciation, What If I Won, The Votes Have Not Been Counted, Leading Sentences, Positive and Negative Digital Footprints, My School Day, Count 3 1,2,3, FlickrCC, The Zoom Game, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Awesome Blogs, Better Blogging, Challenge 3, Challenge 2, and Challenge 1. You can find all of my challenge posts in the Challenges 2010 Category.

I have received 113 comments in total including trackbacks. I received 12 trackbacks so I really got 101 real comments.  I’m also not sure how many comments from people over seas because many people didn’t tell me where i love bloggingthey are from, so if you comment please tell me what country your from cause I would love to learn about your culture. The post that I had the most comments on was my post named The Coolest Thing, which I received 11 comments on. I wrote this post in September so it’s defiantly not my best post  but it was about an interesting topic! I think I got this many comments on this post because it was about an interesting topic, it was about the amount of knowledge we take in depending on how we are taught.

I enjoyed writing the most was my pet peeves post. I think I liked writing this post because I could let my frustration out by saying what my pet peeves are! I changed my blog theme once and only because I didn’t know that I could get premium themes. I don’t have a pro blog but my teacher Mr. Pepper does so my whole class can get pro themes but nothing else that is pro. By the way I changed my theme from one that has a big brown daisy on it to the one I have now, and I only had the daisy theme for a few minutes until I knew that we could get pro themes. At this moment I have 19 themes. I think this is a good amount because I don’t have any games, I only really have things like countdowns, translators and other useful widgets.

I’m very sorry that this post was so very delayed but I haven’t had too much time to think about blogging lately. Never the less I hope you enjoyed my audit!

I heart blogging image from: a school website.

Ringing In The New Year!

New_Year_wallpapers_2011_New_Years_Eve_025595_I know that new years day was about a week ago but I haven’t had time to blog over winter break so here is my new years post! Well my new years celebrations are most likely different than your because my sister’s birthday is on January 1st. This year she was trying to convince everyone that she has a two day birthday on new years eve and new years day. The only people that she got to believe this were some of her friends, the rest of us tried to tell her that no one has a two day birthday. Anyway on new years eve one of my other sisters Christine and my exchange student Nina had a sleepover with a bunch of their friends and I had Alexandra over. All of us watched the ball drop on TV at 12:00. The best part of new years, I think is the brunch my family has every year. So every year since I can remember my family has hosted a huge brunch for almost all our friends and family. That means that my house is just about full for a whole day! All of the kids and teenagers go out to my barn and build forts in our hay loft and play ping pong. The adults normally just sitt inside and chat. That’s pretty much how I spend new years every year.

There are more people in the world than just me, and many of these people celebrate new years in different ways and different times than just January 1st. Different new years celebrations take place all year round from January to mid autumn. One of these other celebrations are Chinese New Year, this new years celebration normally falls between January 21 and February 21. With every Chinese new year comes a zodiac symbol for that year, all of which are animals. This year’s zodiac symbol is the rabbit! I’m not going to say any more about this new year till the it actually happens.

One thing I will talk about is new years resolutions. Many people have them, I know I do, but do you? If you don’t know what a new years resolution is let me tell you. A new years resolution is a commitment someone makes to a personal goal. This could be a goal, project or or the reforming of a habit. My new years resolution is to learn to play the guitar. Do you have one? If you don’t maybe you’ll get an idea from these common goals.

  • To improve their health like losing weight, exercising more often, eat healthier, or to quit smoking.
  • To save money.
  • To get a better job.
  • To learn something new like a new language or instrument.
  • To improve their grades or to get a better education.
  • To do more volunteer work.

You’re probably wondering how effective making a resolution is. Well a study showed that only about 22% who set goals actually achieved them. There are a couple of ways to improve your chances of succeeding. The first way is to work your way up to your whole goal, so start with something simple and work your way up. By doing this you are increasing your chances of success by about 22%. The second way is to have your friends support and help. By doing this you are increasing your chances of success by about 10%.

I hope you had a great new years. I also wish you success with your new years resolution! There’s just one thing I don’t understand, that we’re only changing one number when we write the year, yet it’s just so difficult to remember to do?

The 2011 picture is  from wallpaper 4