Positive and Negative Digital Footprints…

For Challenge 7 we must write about positive digital footprints. A digital footprint can be anything that you put online from a blog to a social networking site to search engines such as Bing and Google. A

This is a Frozen Footprint! Isn't it so cool!

This is a Frozen Footprint! Isn't it so cool!

digital footprint could also be anything you write of someone writes about you, This writing can be in an online newspaper, a discussion web site anything that has your name in it that is on the Internet. A positive digital footprint is when every part of your footprint is good so nothing bad is said about you and if your in an online newspaper the article is about you achievement. A negative footprint is the opposite so most of your footprint is about awful things you have done or you say some terrible things about someone on a social networking site.

There are many advantages of having a positive digital footprint. Like when your applying for a job the employer might look you up on Facebook or Myspace to see what your writing and what pictures you put on there. I’ve read that people have been fired from their jobs because of what they put on a social networking site. The employer may also search for you using a search engine and if someone has writen something bad about you you may not get the job. If you have a a positive footprint than you have nothing to worry about.

Negative digital footprints can impact your life in a very bad way. Just like I said before you can get fired from a job for having a terrible footprint. If an employer went to your Facebook or Myspace page and found something they didn’t like that person most likely would’t be hired. You must be Internet savvy if you don’t know what being Internet savvy means then you can click on these two links: A Grade 8-10 blog has a good post about being safe, also the Challenge Blog has a terrific post all about being Internet savvy.

One more tip I have for you is to check your spelling and grammar before posting anything no matter what site your on. This is a goal I’m trying as a blogger. Remember to always keep your digital footprint positive.  A positive footprint is a happy footprint!

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this has been Challenge 7.

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