21 Dec 2010

Who Really Won?

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This post is about who won the edublog awards,but you might have guessed that from the title. Anyway the first three winners in every category will receive a 12 month pro blog subscription and a beautiful badge to go on their blogs. The first winner will also get a a years free edublogs campus worth 900 dollars in U.S money. I didn’t win first second or third but I did tie for fifth place with 44 votes, so I would like to thank everyone who nominated or voted for me! So here are your winners.

Best Individual Blog

  1. Winner: Free Technology for Teachers
  2. First Runner Up: Kirsten Winkler
  3. Second Runner Up: Larry Ferlazzo’s Website of the Day…

Best Individual Tweeter

  1. Winner: Teach_Preschool
  2. First Runner Up: ShellTerrell
  3. Second Runner Up: specialkrb

Best Group Blog

  1. Winner: Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning
  2. First Runner Up: The Reading Roundup
  3. Second Runner Up: The Teaching Palette

Best New Blog

  1. Winner: Speech Techie
  2. First Runner Up: Box of Chocolates
  3. Second Runner Up: The Nerdy Teacher

Best Class Blog

  1. Winner: Billings Middle School Tech Class Blog
  2. First Runner Up: Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog
  3. Second Runner Up: The Blog Dogs

Best Student Blog

  1. Winner: Emily’s Blog
  2. First Runner Up: Chemistry: It’s “Element”-ary!!
  3. Second Runner Up: Haley’s Life

Best Resource Sharing Edublog

  1. Winner: Free Technology for Teacher
  2. First Runner Up: Prekinders
  3. Second Runner Up: Kirsten Winkler

Most Influential Blog Post

  1. Winner: Frank Noschese”s The $2 interactive whiteboard
  2. First Runner Up: Joyce Valenza’s Things I think teacher librarians should unlearn (20 & counting)
  3. Second Runner Up: Joyce Seitzinger’s Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers

Most Influential Tweet Series

  1. Winner: #speakloudly
  2. First Runner Up: #edchat
  3. Second Runner Up: #ukedchat

Best Teacher Blog

  1. Winner: Teacher Tom
  2. First Runner Up: MR ROBBO – THE P.E GEEK
  3. Second Runner Up: The Scholastic Scribe

Best Librarian/ Library Edublog

  1. Winner: Castilleja School Library
  2. First Runner Up: A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet
  3. Second Runner Up: Bright Ideas

Best School Administrator Edublog

  1. Winner: Darcy Moore’s Blog
  2. First Runner Up: A Principal’s Reflections
  3. Second Runner Up: The Principal of Change

Best Educational Tech Support Edublog

  1. Winner: Free Technology for Teacher
  2. First Runner Up: Thumann Resources
  3. Second Runner Up: The Angry Technician

Best Elearning / Corporate Education Edublog

  1. Winner: Rapid E-Learning Blog
  2. First Runner Up: Edutopia
  3. Second Runner Up: edReformer

Best Educational Use Of Audio

  1. Winner: Deutsche Welle Audiotrainer
  2. First Runner Up: SCC English Audio Boos – Patterns of Poetry
  3. Second Runner Up: Heidisongs

Best Educational Use Of Video / Visual

  1. Winner: ProjectExplorer.org
  2. First Runner Up: ArtSnacks
  3. Second Runner Up: Fugleflicks

Best Educational Wiki

  1. Winner: Greetings From The World
  2. First Runner Up: DSD Wiki
  3. Second Runner Up: Metasaga

Best Educational Podcast

  1. Winner: PortableRadio.ca
  2. First Runner Up: LearnEnglish
  3. Second Runner Up: Ed Tech Crew

Best Educational Webinar Series

  1. Winner: Global Education Conference 2010
  2. First Runner Up: Classroom 2.0 Live
  3. Second Runner Up: Future of Education

Best Educational Use Of A Social Network

  1. Winner: English Companion Ning
  2. First Runner Up: Learn German with Deutsche Welle
  3. Second Runner Up: Classroom 2.0

Best Educational Use Of A Virtual World

  1. Winner: Quest Atlantis
  2. First Runner Up: Daynuv.com & Giftedkids.ie MissionV Project
  3. Second Runner Up: ISTE – SIGMS

Best Use Of A PLN

  1. Winner: Global Education Conference 2010
  2. First Runner Up: Classroom 2.0
  3. Second Runner Up: The Educator’s PLN

Lifetime Achievement

  1. Winner: Linda Yollis
  2. First Runner Up: Steve Hargadon
  3. Second Runner Up: Sir Ken Robinson

That is the end of the 2010 edublog awards. To see voting for each category you can go to the Edublog Awards Site. Happy Blogging!

Image source the Edublog Awards

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