27 Oct 2010

Go With The Flow!

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For science we learned about food chains and how they work. We had to choose an ecosystem to write three food chains for that network.  I choose a small forest as my ecosystem. A food chain shows a transfer of energy between biotic elements. Though a food web are food pyramid would show this change in energy better.

A young oak tree → A deer eats leaves off the oak→ A coyote eats the deer→ Last a wolf eats the coyote.

Algae→ A snail eats the algae→ A snake eats the snail→ A fox eats the snake. EnergyPyramid

A buffaloberry → A squirrel eats the berry→  A hawk eats the squirrel.

Food chains show the energy transferred through out consumers. The chain has to start with a pruduceror plant that through photosynthesis gets 1000 units of the suns energy. Then there is a primary consumer mostly herbivores that receive100 units of energy from the producer. Next a secondary consumer, omnivores and carnivores, eat the primary cosumers to collect 10 units of energy.Soon tiarary cosumer, omnivore and carnivores eat the secondary cosumers to receive 1 unit of energy. Lastly a decomposer reaks down whats left of eat consumer. Thats all for science, I hope you learned a lot!

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  1. Chelsea Says:

    Hi Jacueline
    You have some very good examples of a food chain, here’s one of mine.
    An insect eats a plant like a sheep then a wolf eats the sheep next the decomposers break down the waste.


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